Shelter CBRN Filtration

Shelter CBRN Filtration

The protection of military and civilian personnel, together with key assets including sensitive equipment and critical facilities, from potential CBRN hazards is vital.

Shelter CBRN Filtration systems also play a key role in providing rest and relief from the effects of wearing full Individual Protective Equipment (IPE or MOPS).

This is especially important for key facilities such as strategic equipment, field hospitals, command and control centres, medical dressing stations and static logistic support facilities.

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Our Solutions

Bioquell Defense offers CBRN filtration systems both for use with rigid / ISO container type shelters and also Unhardened Collective Protection tent style facilities.  Our adaptable and versatile Shelter CBRN Filtration solutions can be configured to provide clean filtered air directly into the shelter of via the shelter air conditioning system and can be engineered to suit a variety of airflow and shelter pressure requirements.

Platforms currently utilising Bioquell Defense Shelter CBRN Filtration systems include the Marshall SV DARS and Watchkeeper programmes.

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How long does a CBRN filter last?

The life of any CBRN filter is dependent upon the concentration of any attack, type of attack, weather conditions and duration of the attack or CBRN threat.

What is the flow rate of the system?

The NATO No1 and US M48 CBRN filters are rated to deliver 170m3/hr (100cfm) of clean filtered air.

Can the Bioquell CBRN system be used for all vehicles?

The Bioquell CBRN system can be configured in a number of different ways so that it can be integrated into a range of different vehicle types from tracked to wheeled.

Can Bioquell provide over pressure systems only?

The system is capable of being adapted to provide over pressure or assisted breathing for crew face masks. It is also capable of being configured to provide a combination of both as necessary.

What cooling capability is available from Bioquell?

The Crew Cooling and Environmental Control Systems provided by Bioquell are configured to suit the customer or end user’s individual requirements and can range from 5 to 10kW as required.

Can the Bioquell Environmental Control System be used for all vehicles?

The Bioquell system uses, where possible, COTS and MOTS parts and can be designed and configured to be integrated into most vehicles.

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